The Giganti Amphitheatre

Manarola is a small urban jewel founded in the 12th century; the town likely takes its name after an ancient “magna roea“, an imposing mill wheel present in the town. Be thrilled by the peculiar character of the small town of Manarola, a farmland territory fond of its rural origins. Walk along the multi-colour dwellings, typical tower-homes of Genoese origin that face one another on the main road. The town is erected on the rocky peak looking over the sea, characterised by an interlacing of narrow carrugi that develop on various levels with a parallel layout, joined by irregular steps in slate. Search for the history of Andreoli Christmas crib and the strength and tenacity of the Foundation for the recovery of uncultivated lands, plunge in the purest nature for one day.

Manarola is an intricate puzzle of beautiful trails along vineyards and olives, at the discovery of the towns of Volastra and Groppo.