Explora 5Terre was born from the idea to offer an unforgettable experience in the most famous Italian towns.
The territory of Cinque Terre is famous for its sea, however its vocation is the land: therefore, you will be able to see unforgettable landscapes and also discover its essence following an itinerary among hills.


Travel in the beauty and essence of Cinque Terre National Park, exploring local traditions in total tranquillity. With Explora 5Terre, you can be the protagonist of your trip! Immerse yourself completely in the charming sceneries of Cinque Terre, among marvellous landscapes and unforgettable views.

Thanks to the maps provided on board, we will help you choosing your experience:

  • Discover the towns following the suggested itinerary;
  • Walk along the trails of 5 Terre National Park;
  • Be accompanied at the discovery of vineyards and tasting of local wine.


Explora 5Terre was conceived to provide a linear connection of horizontal type between La Spezia and the Towns of 5 Terre.

Departing from La Spezia, Explora 5 Terre’s buses will take you at the discovery of RiomaggioreManarolaVolastraSan BernardinoCornigliaVernazza and Monterosso (currently not reachable due to impassable roads) and all Sanctuaries of Cinque Terre.


The transport service offered with small-size buses of low environmental impact allows connections every half an hour between the city of La Spezia and towns from Riomaggiore to Vernazza.

With Explora 5Terre you can:

  • Get off to visit the chosen town, walk along hillside trails, visit local cellars. Leaflets will be provided to assist you during the tour and go back on the next buses (1 hour apart);
  • Continue the tour on the same bus without getting off until the town of Vernazza and return to La Spezia (about 3 hours two-ways);
  • Use the bus to connect between a town and the other.